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Re: sand in beet pulp/grizzle!

UCK!!!  Oooo, thats is gross!  I feed beet pulp to all everyday and have been for several years.  I do moisten it and check for "shards".  Never found meat and grizzle...that I Know of!  Don't Even want to venture a guess on how it got in there.
Any of you folks read "The Jungle" by Sinclair?  I did as a preteen and became a vegetarian until 20's.  Flash Back:)
Beth Gunn
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Sent: Saturday, September 08, 2001 10:07 PM
Subject: RC: sand in beet pulp

I haven't found sand but big pieces of meat and grizzle!!!!  I couldn't tell
it was dry, but after soaking it overnight, then mixing it in my grain with my
hand, I started feeling it.  It really grossed me out.  Alot of times I
soak it, just add water and grain and feed it to them.  I feel terrible now,
what they were eating.  Gracelyn and Rushcreek Equal

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