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Re: RC: Re: Fwd: RC: RC: ponies/neck reining

There really is a good reason to try this method.  It gives a signal that the 
horse is used to, at the bit/lip, along with a signal the horse is supposed 
to learn--that rein pressure on the neck means turn in that direction.  It 
does this without causing the horse to tip it's head, which is a bad thing 
for them to do when neck reining, as it throws their balance off.  It is 
meant to be done for a short while, until the horse realizes that the 
pressure on the neck means to move the shoulder.

My suggestion for teaching the pony how to do something that the rider is not 
at this time skilled enough to convey is to have the rider take lessons on 
the pony with a good instructor.  Is the pony in a snaffle or a curb?  
Snaffles are not meant to be used for neck reining.  Curbs are not supposed 
to be used until the pony has a certain amount of schooling in a snaffle.  
You can't skip some steps and end up with a broke horse.  You get a horse who 
is somewhat to a lot confused, and tries tricks or evasions because it 
doesn't understand what is being asked.  A good instructor can teach the 
child to teach the pony, and make sure that the pony has the basics before 
moving on to advanced stuff.  The kid might even like learning how to train 
the pony.   jeri

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