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Fwd: RC: 2001 Tevis Cup Ride

Hi Julie: Interesting post. I had something similar happen to me several 
years ago at the Tevis. After finishing the ride I put my horse "HUD" in the 
stall and put out his hay and water. I was very tired and crashed near by. 
Later on when I got up and went to his stall he was up and eating. I decided 
it was time to give him a bath. I was just to tired to do this at the end. I 
took him up to the wash rack which is up a bank near the stalls. I went back 
to my vehicle to get a sponge, hose and shampoo. Three Vets approached me 
and asked me where my horse was. I pointed, He's up there at the wash rack. 
I am going to hose him off. They said someone had summoned them because your 
horse was down in the stall and was rolling! I asked them if that was 
unusual. They said no. They did not bother to walk up the bank to the wash 
rack but just observed him from where they were standing. Then they smiled 
and walked away.
I agree you do not need a great horse to finish the Tevis. Hud was a Albino 
gelding. He was a good horse tho. We finished the Tevis six times together. 
He was also a veteran of the Great American Horse Race of 1976. He was a 
wonderful companion.
The greatest Tevis horse was Witezarif with 6 Tevis Cup Wins with Donna 
Fitzgerald up. Others who have won it twice were Bandos & Molla owned by 
Wendell Robie. Bezatal ridden by Ed Johnson. Pancho with Bud Dardi. El 
Karbaj with Hal Hall, Rush Creek Hans with Boyd Zontelli, Fritz with 
Marjorie Pryor. R.O. Grand Sultan (Rio) with Becky Hart, Saxx with Chris 
Knox and Cougars Fete with Erin McChesney. Cougars Fete is a granddaughter 
of Bezatal. A kissing cousin to our current Haggin Cup horse Fayette de 
Cameo. Cougars Fete also won the Haggin cup twice along with her wins. Then 
the horse with the most Haggin Cup wins (3) was HCC Gazal, owned and ridden 
by Julie Shur. You will need all your fingers and toes plus more to count 
all her Tevis Buckles. Bye Hope

>Subject: RC:  2001 Tevis Cup Ride
>Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 13:35:44 EDT
>Tired horses? You bet. They have been awake well over 24 hours and, when 
>time comes to take a snooze, they relax their ears and their lips and their
>eyes look sleepy.  I do not think a tired horse is a crime (I am tired at 
>end of a day). An exhausted horse is a crime. I am not saying there were no
>exhausted horses (although I saw none), but I will stick my neck out and 
>there were very few.  After one Tevis Cup Ride I was told at around 4 
>in the morning that my horse was in trouble, that he was lying down in the
>paddock and not eating. Well, they were partially right. However, the horse
>was not in trouble.  He finished the ride at 1 a.m., ate for an hour and a
>half in my presence, and then decided it was time to take a nap. But 
>told the barn manager the horse was too exhausted to stand.
>It takes a good horse to complete the Tevis Cup Trail. It does not take a
>super horse. It takes a conscientious and caring rider, not a super rider.
>When you can point to records of horses who have completed it 12 and 13
>times, to horses that have completed it in their mid-20's, to a horse who 
>it six times and lived to 34 years, it is a doable ride with horses 
>in excellent condition.  To my knowledge, (and I think I am right on this,
>but if you are curious you can check) there has not been a fatality at the
>Tevis Cup Ride in 20 or 25 years.
>As for the stolen articles this year, I suppose that is a sign of the times
>and I will be a little more security conscious in the future.
>My hat is off to the Tevis Cup management, the volunteers and the
>veterinarian staff who put on a great ride with great care and 
>for the horses and the riders.
>Julie Suhr
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