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Re: Stonewall saddles

stonewall saddles are at 27180 citrus ave. in perris ca. 909-928-3244 the
prices for a new custom made one starts at 660.00 an go up to around 750.00.
you can order a custom tree for an extra 40.00 they will replace fenders and
you can order stirrups to. They are deep secure saddles light weight 11 to
16 # and you can take them in and have it fitted for your horse. I was going
to get one until I found out that they run a little narrow in the shoulders
so I got a Marciente. It is more secure than the marciente so is wish I
could have gotten one.If you have fitting problems you can take your horse
to him and he will fit the horse for you, or you can take a wither tracing
and send it in to him. There catalog says on the front- built for the
endurance horseman
built-in shock/conformal foam to conform to and protect the horse's back
shock foam seat
shock foam stirrups
designed for high withered horses.
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> Jan Mills Kennedy
> Can anyone give any info on Stonewall saddles? I have always used a Sharon
> Saare type but recently purchased a Sonewall ..used but not abused!!!! Any
> users out there?Pros?Cons? would really appreciate your input...Thanks and
> Appy Trails...Jan in Michigan
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