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Long X ride results

Took me longer than I thought to get the paperwork done, and still have
to get results to sportack + UMECRA, RM's paperwork is never done
<whine, whine> 

Day 0ne 50's  14 starts, 13 finishers

1st Kathy Arnold             FH JASUR    5:57 (ride time H:M)       
2nd Bud Arnold  (BC horse)   FH AZIIM    5:57
3rd Teresa Fett              LSC MI ZONIDOON  6:46
4th Jessica Voeller (JR)     ROSE             7:01
5th Allan Voeller            MC ABU BEN ADAM  7:01  
6th Paula Goligowski         JJ Lucky Image   7:01
7th Dorothy Sue Phillips     Celdar           7:01
               (Dorothy Sue was fresh from the XP +Tevis )
8th Cindy Wagner            Starlit Harbor    7:01
9th  Karlene Voeller        CBC Fadji Boy     7:01 
10th Aline Vale  (JR)        TR Khemaa        8:23
11th Kate Burgess (JR)       Assaleah         8:23 
                Kate hit 250 Long X miles 5/5 starts/completions
12th Mary Burgess            Ray Zi Onah      8:23
                  (fresh from Tevis)
13th DeAnne Knapp            Aandy            9:03 (Aandys 1st 50)
pulled Deb Kolegraf          Jazzaran K   Lame 

Day one 25's  11 starts (2 CTR) 10 finishers 
         (pulse to 60 for finish time)

1st Linda Goddard     Mathistle  (high vet score too)
2nd Randy Helgeson    Dollar
3rd Diana Kirby       Coppper Stash
4th Karen Frost       Oh No GO  
          (Karens 1st competition after her broken leg last May)
5th Corey Anderson    Dallas  (Best Condition) 
6th Lynette Helgeson  Apache Dancer
7th Chris Vincent     Aswad Saghar
8th James Vincent     Chester
pulled Kate Helgeson  Cloud Dancer (RO - CD was acting up)

Saturday 25 mile CTR

1st Cole Bengtson  score 396 out of 400
2nd Keith Bengtson       382 out of 400

    Saturday fun ride (alphabetical order)
  RMIMR has set in - cant remember who had the high and 
                      low poker hands or horse names.
Ed Berg     
Sharan Berg  
Susan Berg   
Tess Ehli   
Mickie Heinze -
Beau Lundmark 
Joan Morton
Laura Morton
Danna Nechiporenko (High vet score)
Kelley Olsen   

Sunday 50

1st Paschal Karl  Deezal Black   6:47   (Best Condition)
2nd Jessica Voeller (JR)  Delancey    6:47  (high vet score)

Sunday 25  
1st Lynette Helgeson   Apache Dancer  (2nd day horse)
2nd Teresa Fett        Shersam

Sunday run ride

Ashley Anderson
Corey Anderson  on Dallas (Low poker hand) 
Ed Berg    
Susan Berg
Sharon Berg 
Karen Frost (high poker hand) 
Mickie Heinze
Kayla Helgeson 
Kate Helgeson (High vet score on Dollar) 
Diana Kirby 

And thats all she wrote

Teresa Van Hove
(former Long X RM)

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