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Re: Re: Fwd: RC: RC: ponies/neck reining

> told me that to get horse to neck rein, "ya jis cross the reins under the
> neck an' that should work, but if it don't , ya git a board full a nails
> and slap him on  the side of the neck and sure 'noughh he'll turn!!

Geeze, Irene, that post came across as being rather harsh...  Crossing the
reins does not hurt the horse any more than a direct rein and it does work
OK.  That's exactly how I was taught to do it in 4-H eons ago when I rode
western in local itty bitty shows and it made sense to my horse - she
learned it just fine.  No need to blast Hope over a training method she
recommended.  If you have a different idea, just post it.

Off to shut up and ride for the weekend -

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