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Re: Fwd: RC: RC: ponies/neck reining

Dear Hope,
AAaggh, grrrrrr, the sounds of me pulling my hair out!!  Crossing the
reins under the neck is about as sensible as the ol' cowboy that once
told me that to get horse to neck rein, "ya jis cross the reins under the
neck an' that should work, but if it don't , ya git a board full a nails
and slap him on  the side of the neck and sure 'noughh he'll turn!!   I
have a VERY  hard time believing,  in this day and age, that there are
still people out there that refuse to become educated on proper
horsemanship and sensible training of our wonderful animals. I know you
have seen me stop a horse from a gallop by THROWING the reins FORWARD,
and it is no mystery how it was done.  It never ceases to amaze me that
folks out there think the solution is a bigger bit or something out of a
crystal ball, or their latest tack catalog. Patience, Repetition and
Consistency is how we train horses;  So, are you going to ride with
crossed reins for the rest of this horse's life??

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