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Re: Won't Drink

I can only speak for my own horses and from my own experience, but many
horses will not begin to drink on the trail until they have done at
least 15 miles. I have three horses, and each one has its own
preference. One mare will only drink clean water, like a moving stream
or clear place. My other mare likes muddy water, and my gelding will
drink anything when he is thirsty. None of them will drink before the 15
mile mark, but then they begin looking for water. If they do not want to
drink at the first vet check they do drink soon after. The more rides
they do, the easier it is to get them to drink earlier in the ride. The
horses have to learn just like we do, and sometimes that means they get
pretty thirsty before they realilze they should have been drinking from
those puddles. Just stay alert, know your horse, and take it easy while
he is leraning.

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