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Yet another way to think about it, slow horses

Laura T
There are some really interesting rides here in the "Belt Buckle" of the
bible belt (aka 'da South).

Seems like everytime I head out on the trail or go to one of those rides,
of course I see those big 'o quarter horses.
Those horses have to be big!  Lots of muscles!  Big huge saddles too.
Well of course they have to be big.
 Those big 'o quarter horses have to haul all that beer in dim saddle
packs!  REALLY!  Those packs carry ice,
and LOTS of beer, cases - I ain't kiddin either.  That is why it takes so
long for them to ride those rides they
have all that secret beer to drink they are carrying in those packs.
Regular equipment on quarter horses are front,
and back packs.  And they are waterproofed on the inside.
And BEER isn't all they carry.  All liquid refreshments with alcohol,
cleverly hidden in Sun Drop bottles.

You should see 'em on the TWH too.  Packs everywhere.  But they aren't
(ain't) as muscled as the quarters.

THAT is why it takes them so long to ride their ride.  Heavy packs, and
many pit stops.

Laura T - Careful with my peanut butter and jelly sandwich my orange arab!
Diamond- I carry water, and goodies for me.  I know there is a sandwich in
that pack, hope it gets smooshed,
then it's mine.  Nummy!   !   :))

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