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I am wondering how long electrolytes can be kept. Can they `spoil` the way
other things can, or can they keep for a long time (6 months, 1 year,
longer...)? If they can be kept for a long time, what would be the longest
time that I can keep them for (safely, and without them losing their
I have Perform n`Win from the ERC (maybe Gayle Ecker is lurking out there
and can answer these questions). I am asking because I recently sold my
horse and will not be buying one until the spring. Since my horse had
developed bone spavin in his hocks, I was not doing long or difficult
rides for some time. I still have electrolytes left (at least half a
bucket). I guess by now the electrolytes that I have left are at least or
getting close to one year old. They have been kept in a dry place at room
temperature. I know that this is probably a long time for electrolytes to
be hanging around for some of you, but don`t forget that I no longer had a
need for them when I could no longer do the distance training with my


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