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Re: RC: RC: Theft reporting and prevention

In a message dated 8/16/01 12:09:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

.  Did you report it stolen
to Auburn PD?  If not, here's their phone # (916) 823-4237.  Call them now
and report it.  They may just give you a log number, but at least its a

I believe you can also file a claim against your homeowners insurance if you
have  a police report. A "friend" of ours (not really, but let's be nice!)
did this. THREE SADDLES stolen from her car! WOW! Now just WHy she had 3
saddles in her back seat, I don't know - also looked identical to 3 saddles
she asked me to help he sell a few years later, but THAT'S another story. (I
refused.) But the bottom line, file a police report and go ahead and file a
claim. Sounds weird but if it was possible for THIS gal, it may at least help
you replace your saddle.

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