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re:sad state of affairs

I, too, thought that an endurance ride was one of the last places you
could still go and leave your stuff unattended and vehicle/trailer
unlocked and not worry about it.... probably at smaller rides this is
still the case. The Tevis, however, is higher profile and will attract
all sorts of folks.... it's too bad that possessions are

A friend of mine was keeping her warmblood at her husband's "team
roping" barn where there were lots and lots of horses boarded, mostly by
team ropers, i.e. men.... She was very lonely there as she was an
eventer/dressage person and alone for riding, but it was a deal and
worked well for her family. However, her nice high priced/quality
blankets, leather tack and the like kept disappearing only to appear
down a couple aisles where she would kipe it back. Finally, she took all
her nice stuff home (that she had left) and bought all new tack for her
horse for the stable.... it was all fuzzy stuff and ALL hot pink with
flame red monogramming..... funny, no matter what she left out, no
matter where she left an item, it always found it's way back to her
stall, or stayed where she put it.... she was finally glad she was
"alone" at this barn doing dressage things.... her friends would have
croaked at her lovely new tack!

Probably won't work for endurance folks.... I hate pink.... but maybe
labeling everything in a permanent sort of way (where possible) would
help dissuade the dishonest sorts.... sigh.... maybe solar yellow  or
orange..... :)

Central Oregon

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