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More on the on-line members info pages

A few more notes on the members update pages at

1.  You can now search on members and horses in the 1985-95 archive files even if 
the rider/horse has not been active after 1995.  This should be interesting if you like
to look at history for some of the famous rider/horses of yesterday.

This would be at

and select rider or horse history.

Unfortunately this doesn't mean we can look at the horses prior to 1985.  The database
is still on paper there and never likely to make it online so some of the really famous
ones like Donna Fitzgerald and  Witezarif will never be on-line.

2. When you are part of a family membership - please encourage the rest of the family
to login and correct their data too.  If you all use the same email address - then
as each of the family logs in - they need to use the login configuration to change
the login ID so that the next family member can use the email address at activation.

3.  Yes - we know there are dates that are off in the 1985-1995 period. If you see
something from your records - let us know by email of the date change for the 
ride and we will add it to the list of manual changes we will get to.  We brought
in over 7000 rides from an early 80s  language program that only a few 
people in the world now know.  We had to make a number of "best guesses" to
get what we did.  The official record for 1985-95 is in the office.

4.  If you don't allow "cookies" - the only feature of the site that should be affected
is autologin.

Mike and Russ

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