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Re: Tevis trip

That wasn't suppose to go out yet! How did that happen?? I have much more to tell. First of all, the ride to base camp from Truckee (a very quaint little town) scared the crap out of me. I really, really hate driving in the mountains. Why, oh why are the roads so grooved you can't hardly change lanes, there are signs warning of falling rocks and run away trucks and yet the speed limit is 70? By the time we reached base camp, my brakes were a burnin'! It was Friday afternoon and the atmosphere was blazing. We bought our T-shirts and rope halters and then watched the vet check area. California horses look way different than mine. The horses we saw were suppose to be pure Arabs but they were big. Big heads, big bodies,and the feet! I have never seen hoof walls of that substance. The feet I liked, but not the "bigness" of the rest of the horses. I like pretty, or at least handsome horses if they are going to be Arabs. I am sure there were some pretty horses there, we just didn't get to see them all. Howard, I don't know why but your gal Val didn't start. She was there at the base camp but not on the starting line up. One guy brought two horses. At the vet-in one was lame and the other sound. He was prepared. They had good food and music Friday night. I don't know the vet (meaning I have never been to a ride where he was) but I liked his message. He said he would like to see a finish of 60% or more. He felt that the main reason horses were pulled at the first vet check was because the riders were so excited they may end up pushing the horses more than they should. He asked the riders to just take it easy, keep a steady pace and try to be in good condition in the first vet hold. I think that was at 36 miles. There were 2 fly bys before that. I think. Now that I have checked the results, I don't understand why only 91 riders finished. The weather was perfect. Also of interesting note to me was the fact that 90% or so of the horses entered were from California. So if these horses with their bigness are born, raised and trained there, why can't they finish? I don't know. That is just an observation. I would like to know the comparisons of the mountain rides vs. flat but hot and humid rides. What has the higher finishing percent? The mountains are tough, no doubt about that. Arabs were bred to go across flat, sandy terrain. Does that have something to do with it? I don't knowl.  We did see a lot of cut up legs on horses that were pulled. I talked to one man who was pulled at 50 miles or so. While we talked, he groomed his horse with a metal shedding curry comb thing. That poor horse was tired and sore and this man was scrubbing his horse so hard the horse flinched, pinned his ears and pulled away every time the comb came near his body. Why do people do things like that?? What a moron. Anyway, we saw Marcia Smith come in. This finish line is in an arena and about 9:30 the crowds came in. It was great to see so many people come to watch this. This is the first race (yes, it is a race)I have ever been to where there were spectators. Sunday we walked the barns and there were some dead tired horses. Couldn't even hold their bottom lips up. Awww! We only saw one IV in a horse. My kids really thought it was something to see. We were at the fairgrounds from 2 PM Saturday until midnight and they never complained. It was very exciting and overwhelming. I am glad I made the trip. I know I am not ready for the travel, the training and the mental focus of such a ride. Ahh, but I can dream and I will be there sooner, than later. Lisa Salas, The Odd Farm
we b odd.
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It took 5 and 1/2 days to reach Truckee from Tampa, Florida. One lost then retrieved luggage box, one flat tire, one lost cell phone, getting lost looking for a park to ride bikes in and getting blocked in Reno, due to an accident. But we made it. What a ride!
Geez, Lisa, you'd better tell us more about it than that.

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