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Kenlyn Flat Urban Challenge 50 miler on September 29

Linda Fisher
We are having a new trail added to this fall's ride which will be
in the Sand Creek bottom to the north of Kenlyn for the second loop of the
50 miler.  Since the ride is located in the City of Aurora, it is still an
Urban Challenge for the horses but amazingly pretty.  You will still ride
over and under freeways, cross walk bridges and ride through housing
subdivisions, but the
fall colors in the riverbottom trails should make it very beautiful.
Please come and join us on this diverse trail.  We have a wonderful dinner
and awards banquet planned following the 25/50 miler (and 15 mile fun ride
too!).  You can get an entry off my web site at
under the Activities section. Hope to see you all there and know you will
enjoy this new trail.  I am never sure how long I can keep this ride

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