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Re: crappy hay

From:          "jsalas" <>
To:            <>
Subject:       crappy hay
Date:          Wed, 15 Aug 2001 11:41:12 -0400

Lisa Salas writes:

<Go to look up hay dealers and find one near you. =
Call them and ask them where they get their hay tested, (if they don't =
call someone else) and give that info to the owner.  See if she will =
offer to have the hay you just got tested. It only costs $25-50 and is =
worth every penny. If she won't, then you do it. It is very important to =
know what your hay has in it, so that you will know what to supplement =
the rest of your feeding program with. Also find out what she (the =
owner) knows about hay. When was it cut, how long did it cure, did it =
get wet? What exactly is the type of hay? Why is there oak leaves in =
it?? Good luck. I hope by the time you get this e-mail you have already =
found lots of helpful info. Lisa Salas, The Odd fArm>

Thanks for the info and website, Lisa.  

She has her good orchard hay in for the year....she just brought this 
crappy hay to the barn this past Sunday and started feeding it to the horses.
We (the boarders & her 2 experienced barn people) know it is crappy, and are 
meeting to convince her that it needs to be thrown out.  I want to 
have some concrete information for her, so she won't feel like we 
are over-reacting.   She has to be "handled" a bit.  She's a very 
nice person who has gotten in over her head.  

Thanks again,
Orono, ME

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