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Fort Armstrong results

Donna Shrader
27 started and finished the 25. BC went to Lori Shifflett on The Big
44 started and 35 finished the 50.
 Top 10:
 1 Ann Zedaker on Storm Shadow and BC
 2 Beverly Laux on Gunsmoke Lacy Lady
 3 Diana Riddle on Dubro
 4 Fran Williams on SS Yankee Clipper
 5 Kerrie Rush on SAS Sulton
 6 Jimbo Akers on Topeka
 7 Mike McCoy on Blue
 8 Sally Gabriele on BG AanazehFA
 9 Michelle Stanton on Kluszyns Destiny
10 Amie Shaffer on Eveyuri
In the 75 8 started and 5 finished
 1 Alex Reis on BC Mytai
 2 Mary Coleman on Hawks Neopolitan and BC
 3 Richard Russell on Talisman
 4 Kar Russell on Chynna
 5 Donna Green on Di-N-Mo

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