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pigeon toed horses

Jolynn Maynard
I would like to hear from experienced endurance riders.  I recently went
to look at a horse that I was thinking about buying.
As it turned out he was very nice, well bred, pretty, good conformation,
great attitude, great walk, smooth trot and lope, good bone and feet,a
little small
but did not feel small at all.  The problem was I decided not to buy him
because he was very pigeon toed.  I felt that with lots
of miles this might present a serious problem down the road.  I know that
toeing in is better than toeing out but I would like to know
the opinion of others out there.  I did talk with an experienced endurance
vet and rider and he said he would recommend not to buy the
horse because of possible heart break down the road.

I am not at work where ridecamp comes to me so please email me privately
to make sure I get your responses at


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