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RE: just doing it (was Show and Tell and questions for oldbies)

Title: RE: just doing it (was Show and Tell and questions for oldbies)

Just do it.   Or not.  Trust your gut instinct.  Seems like if you do a 4 hour 25 mile ride without taking
the edge off,  an easy 50 shouldn’t be a problem.   You could always pull your horse if you get nervous
about it.  I don’t have too many miles myself, but I learned early on that finishing at 25 miles doesn’t really do Beau
nor I much good, but he was 8 y.o. with lots of trail experience at our first ride.  Drako will probably have a lot more

LD on him than Beau ever will because he is starting as a 4 y.o. and is just starting his LSD training.  Even then
I probably won’t do more than two or three LD’s with him before I try a slow 50 when he turns 5.

You know, I really don’t mind Beau being tired after a ride.  It just means that he will be that much
fitter for the next one if I give him the appropriate rest afterwards.  Like I said in a previous post,
a hard 25 miles of a 50 mile ride was too much for him, and an easy 50 had him galloping after I turned him
loose in the pasture afterwards.  I would just choose an EASY 50 so you wouldn’t over face yourself

Personally, I wouldn’t want to do a slow ride if I didn’t have to.  I really hate doing distance at a walk –
makes my butt sore and I’m sure that Beau doesn’t appreciate my butt contact the whole ride!   And
we maybe do a slow canter for only a small percentage of the ride at the fastest – it’s not like we are really racing.
Just enough to use a different muscle grouping and break up the pace a little to keep it fresh.

My first 50 was done with almost a full out gallop the first part – and much tail dragging the second half.
Wasn’t my choice ride strategy, but we were both amped up and it was a “racy” type ride with an uncontrolled
start.  That was the longest ride I so far.

Just to give you a sense of perspective, I heard the horse that came in 2nd at Swanton 100 that kept pace with
wonder Red (Crystals Charm- 1999 Haggin Cup winner) is a 6 year old horse.  I just checked Red’s record and
his first rides in 1998 as a 6 y.o. were multi-day 50 mile rides.  He is now pretty much winning 100’s
with BC’s.  Of course, Heather is very, very experienced and Red is a class by himself, but Heather
subscribes by the 50 mile first ride theory.  Of course, she was a junior under Maryben!

She took her new mare to Fireworks 50 and rode a slow ride for the mare’s first competition ride anywhere and
they did just fine. The mare was an arena queen before Heather acquired her, and did the ride with just a few
months of sporadic conditioning since Heather has been preoccupied with Pan Ams.  (Gawd… I’m starting
to get excited about PanAms now!  I guess that’s why I’m rambling…..)

Kathy Mayeda
Only 250 AERC miles (and only one LD ride that doesn’t really count) so I’m not an oldbie.
Yeah, yeah – I’m bored and looking for trouble.

Beau Joust – same 250 AERC miles.

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