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Thanks for the tips

> Once you have a good, solid base on your horse, how often/how long 
each week do you condition?  

The trick a competition!  That way you have to give them a week
off, then the next week you just piddle, then go do another competition. 
That way, you only have to get on the horse about 4 times a month!

  Plus, in the winter when days are short, that leaves very 
> little if any day light to ride with. <whine> a 100!  That way you get to take an entire month off guilt
free.  It's worth it.

 > OK...share with me 
> your "kick in the butt" attitude that gets you back out and riding 
when you'd rather <wine>! get it?

It takes a training buddy who never whines that you don't want to look
like a wimp in front of. You *know* they're going to be there Saturday,
whether it's rainy, cold or whatever, and you just *can't* let them think
they're tougher than you.  Of course chances are they're using you for
the same thing, and would back out if they didn't know that you were
going to show up no matter what.  For this reason you should *never*
discuss the fact that you didn't want to ride or you might find out that
neither one of you wanted to show up.

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