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Neoprene Girth

Hello list,
 I know a lot of you have Arabians, so I wanted to ask about this. My
local tack shop,(Ruff's I'll put a plug in for him! LOL) told me a lot of
Arabians have problems with girth sores in summer. He suggested going to
a Neoprene girth, as sheepskin (or fleece girths) would get sweat and
dirt causing friction and sores as well.
 I will be trading my leather girth I got (and only used twice) in for
the Neoprene, but wanted to know if that would be best. He will let me
trade even if my leather girth is clean, which it is. Should I really go
this way? He said that sometimes the sores even healed under the
Neoprene. I really want to start serious training soon!
 Thanks list!  
In His Hands,
Lisa P.
Riding: The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground.

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