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More Tevis Photos

Hello All,

I've finally uploaded my photos from last week's Tevis.  I'm trying
something different this year, by using Ofoto.  Ofoto is the on-line digital
photography arm of Kodak.  First time users will need to register, but you
get 15 free reprints.  The reprints I've seen are very good quality, and
rival most point and shoot 35 mm cameras. Guest's can provide on-line
comments to share with other viewers as well.  To make this a little more
fun, see if you can identify the horse and rider team.

Robinson Flat -

Michigan Bluff -

Foresthill -

Haggin Cup Judging -

Awards -

I used Ofoto this year, as it seemed easier for people to get reprints of
the photos they liked.  I hope you'll enjoy.

Steve Hallmark

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