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Re: Abetta Saddles

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Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2001 9:23 PM
Subject: RC: Abetta Saddles

Dorothy Clement
Does anyone out there ride in a Abetta Endurance softee saddle? I am a
newby to ERiding and wanting to spend under $500 on a saddle. Would love
comments. Dorothy

I own one and have had a few problems with the stirrup straps.  They wore down, started fraying and caused rubs on the sides of my horse(s).  That started happening after about a year of riding with the saddle.

Other than that, they're not bad.  Lightweight and fit most horses.  Buy it new, don't get one that's already been used.  If I could find a place that sold the stirrup straps so I could replace them I'd enjoy the saddle more.

You might want to look at a Bighorn.  I own one of those too and prefer it over the Abetta.  It's about a hundred bucks more.




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