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Re: hauling hay to rides said:

>...I LOVE my new truck 
>camper, but can't seem to get the perfect solution for hauling hay to rides.  
>Do those of you with racks on top of your trailers like that arrangement?

I've always thought that the racks on top of trailers seem to be
missing a very key ingredient:  some way to get the hay up to the
top of the rack.   How do people get 50lb+ bales to the top of
the trailer?  I mean those of you who don't have husbands or
adolescent sons to loft it?

It's like the rack sould come with some kind of removable, swinging
pulley-on-post thing, sort of like what they had on 2-story hay barns
before conveyor belts.

            O   \ |
                 \|   <--pulley on post
                  ||        ||        ||  <--rack         
                |                  Trailer

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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