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New rider looking for help in NV

Crysta Turnage
I was having problems posting to the group so please forgive me if this is
a duplicate, I haven't received any response or seen anything in RC:

I am newly subscribed to the group and just starting in my longtime dreams
of pursuing a successful endurance career with my horse.  I live in the
Reno, Nevada area and my horse is boarded in the Spanish Springs/Palomino
Valley area, off Winnemucca Ranch Rd.  I am looking for a more experienced
rider who would be willing to help me prepare both myself and my horse for
our first 25-miler.

I've been riding her about 20 - 25 miles a week right now with our longest
rides per day being about 10 miles.  I have a heart rate monitor and she
has been maintaining a steady working pace and has a fairly fast recovery.
I would really like to find someone to condition with that is located
nearby as the miles on the trail alone (although constructive) are
starting to wear on both of us.  Also I'm sure we could use a few pointers
and tips from a seasoned veteran!  I have a trailer and am willing to
transport my horse to meet you somewhere.  I am also MORE than willing to
help crew or volunteer at upcoming rides, I'm of the belief that the more
knowledge and experience one has, the better.

I am planning on attending the NASTR meeting next week (the 8th right?) in
hopes of making further contacts there.  I have been to the meetings
before, I'm Crysta, the one with the long blond hair that comes to promote
the St. Jude's ride in April that we did in 1999 and 2000.


Crysta & Sugar (the newbies!)

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