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Re: RC: RE: fit to finish??

Not to want to stir up any emotion on this issue, I would like to recall a bit of history.  Several years ago there was a flap ( which got pretty good coverage in EN ) over a rider who was campaigning their horse for national mileage championship. Allegedly the horse had saddle sores. It was also alleged that this rider showed up at one ride and was denied entry because the horse would not vet in because of the sores and the rider then drove to another ride where the vet allowed him to start.

The BOD stepped in and tried to sanction the rider at which point a lawsuit was filed.

Is a sore reanson not to continue or reason to eliminate a horse from starting? If it were my horse and I had 10 miles to go and a small rub, I would find the problem.  If the rub was not bad and I could fix the saddle/pad so that it got no wrose and the vet agreed I would go on slowly and finish.

On the other hand if it were my horse and there was a sore or blister I don't feel that there is anything good 50 more miles would do for the horse and would not start.


Kathy Mayeda wrote:

Saddle sores Ė good topic.  I am guilty.  Beau did have a saddle sore after Camp Far West-
my first 50 mile completion- last year with my new saddle but I was able to
to adjust it for subsequent rides and have had no problems until he lost weight again this year.
Had to readjust it again.  At least I could do that! (You know where Iím poking at Stacy!)

Beau didnít seem to be too bothered by it, but Iím sure it was irritating and maybe he was just numbing out.
Iím not proud of it and the white spot that was left on his grey/black hide caused a little consternation at the next ride vet in.  But I

believe that he was ďFit to ContinueĒ at the end of that first ride.  Iím sure if it looked like
hamburger it would be a different story.

Anyone else have anything to say about this?  I know, my hand should be slapped for putting
poor Beau through 50 miles of back agony, but I truly didnít know that it was rubbing that badly
until I took the saddle off after the finish.  I know Iím not the only one guilty of this, but it just
goes to show how many little details that you have to watch for in the welfare of an endurance horse.

And yes, Iím still learning from my mistakes and from others mistakes.  Iím guessing that saddle sores
would be a tremendous detriment to a Best Condition judging Ė havenít been there yet.

And yes, your horseís death belongs in the **** happens category Ė but it doesnít hurt any less
because of it, Iím sure.  Happy trails for you, Stacy.  You deserve them.


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