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Re: Hackamores and ex-racehorse

> I was very happy to see your post as I am also considering
> a hackamore and I am looking for information also.

IME Tara was right on about the T-Team type bits.  There is also a bit
called a Monte Foreman that is similar and less expensive ($20+ from
Libertyville's western catalog) that works pretty well.  It's a medium port
curb with fixed swept back cheeks, some have a roller in them.  You can ride
them with 4 reins.  Since racehorses are not used to curb straps and poll
pressure, it's very useful to have a different feel to the bit.

My experience and what I've been told as well is racehorses usually want to
go hollow at the trot - which is biomechanically hard on horse & rider.  So
it's very useful for me to have that upper snaffle rein to ask my horse to
lower her head and travel round.  Then when insisting on a good stop, you
can use the lower rein for a very clear cue to halt.

I am not sure with a hackamore that you could as easily make the horse
understand the difference between collection, the head down cue, and whoa.
If you plan to do lateral strengthening work, it would likely be easier to
teach with something other than a hackamore as well.


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