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Hackamores and ex-racehorse


I was very happy to see your post as I am also considering
a hackamore and I am looking for information also.
There are some good posts in the archives in case you
haven't checked there yet.
I think a hackamore would be a fine tool in re-training
your ex-racehorse, as it may help change the circumstances in your horse's
mind a little. Just don't forget that a hackamore is
not necessarily easier on your horse - some can be harsh
(May be others can give you more info. on the different types)
BUT whether or not your horse is in a hackamore or you are
using a bit, the key is that your horse must re-learn what
pressure means (i.e. at the track he was taught to lean
into pressure, now he should learn to give in to pressure)
An ex-racehorse can sometimes be very stiff also (especially
a Standardbred) and so needs to work on flexibility and
bending as well.
A horse that wants to pull or run off can do so
whether he is in a hackamore or a bit, so what is important
is teaching him what you want him to know and the
new aids/signals he is expected to know.
I have come across some good websites that may provide
you with some information on re-training the ex-racehorse
You didn't mention what breed you have but these are for Standardbreds and

Hope this helps

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