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Karen's XP Storey

Karen, I just want to say what a great time I and my husband had in reading 
your stories each day (almost)!  What you said made us come along with you 
and wish we could really have been there.  What an adventure!  I think you 
really said it all when you said you feel like you have just spent 2 months 
in a fairytale!
All during the winter and spring there was a lot of discussion between you 
and mainly Susan G. regarding feed etc.  I would really be interested in 
finding out what exactly you ended up feeding, where you got the feed from, 
how did you find hay, etc., was there always a farrier, and most of all, 
how did you ever get up on that horse each day!! (let alone get out of 
bed!!).  There must have been so many little ordinary things that we do at 
a ride automatically that you had to do over and over - what a puzzle to 
put together!  Congratulations!


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