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Re: Charges only pertain to AERC members

> I was surprised to hear that if someone rides their horse to the point of
> and they are not and AERC then there is no recourse to penalize the rider
> through AERC action.  I think this is something that can be accomplished.
> AERC should make every registered rider in a ride whether a member or not,
> accountable and understand they are liable for the overall health of the
> and will be prosecuted if need be for malicous killing of an animal, in
> case a horse under AERC regulations for the ride. If this is not in the
laws of
> the AERC now then it should be taken up at the next BOD for inclusion.
> every horse that has died at an AERC ride has not done so through
> behavior of the rider.  Any death of a horse at a ride should be assumed
not to
> be maliceous at first and to be proved later at a hearing.

Why not require that anyone doing a ride of 50 miles or greater be a member
of AERC?  That would at least give us some leverage.


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