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Re:Hackamore Input

Title: Re:Hackamore Input
"Joan Stratemeyer" <> said:

Dear Ridecamp Members -

   I need some helpful information and input on
   I am considering the use of a hackamore on a
racehorse "off-the-track" who has been trained to
"the more you pull on the bit - the fast I should
try to go".

IMHO, a hackamore is just not enough stop for an "off-the-track".

I'm using curb bits with nose and poll action.  My two current favorites are the Linda Tellington-Jones  TTeam Rollerbit (about $60) and the Myler Combination Bit (about $125).

I'm currently training in a plain snaffle and a German Martingale in enclosed riding arenas and fenced in pastures, but I'll be riding rides in one of my curbs.  

One ride run-away incident was more than enough for me!

I did try a 'hank' bit that was mostly nose action (the reins attached not to the bit, but to the rope noseband) and all that did was rub a raw groove in his nose during my numerous attempts to get my boy to stop, or at least slow down.

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