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The Way We Win

> Yes, we need to aggressively pursue why horses die at rides, and do
what we can to curtail deaths due to endurance-related >>causes.>
However, simply passing rules requiring sanctions and charges > against
people who lose horses that present a particular set of > necropsy
results is not the answer.

I agree with Heidi.  From what I've heard the most recent abuse case
involved 2 non-AERC members.  The rules we have in effect already make it
possible to bar them from further competitions.  I remember when I first
started competing being at a ride where a lady's horse tied up badly.  I
remember her saying something like, "This horse has 3500 miles! He's
never been treated. "  She went on to say how she'd always felt like
things like that happened to other people because they weren't careful,
but here it cropped up out of nowhere and she hadn't done anything

I've always remembered her statements.  Kaboot's got 2300 miles and no
treatments...but every ride I do everything I can think of to make *sure*
it doesn't happen this time.  I treat him like a horse that's a chronic
tyer-upper.  If it happened, and he died...shouldn't my history and
reputation for being careful count for anything?

On top of all the other fears involved in having a horse treated, I fear
the cost.  I've seen people run up incredible bills treating a horse. 
So, we're going to make it mandatory (even when the vets and other riders
know this person and the situation and have no interest in placing blame)
to do a necropsy so we can scare them with possible cruelty charges?
(will someon start offering endurance liability insurance?)  I don't
think this is a position we want to force on ourselves.  In my opinion
the system is working.  It won't bring that mare back, but people like
that could just as easily have killed their horse on a Saturday afternoon
trail ride.  We can't cover every situation.

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