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Maverick's death and a thank you


It's been a week since I wrote ridecamp to announce my horse Maverick's death
and express my grief at the reality of it.  Unbelievably, over 120 emails
have come to me since I wrote last Tuesday.  I'm astonished and grateful for
the outpouring of heartfelt sympathy, empathy, concern and, well, love that
was expressed in these replies.

Some of the responses were public but most were private.  My grief seemed to
strike an all too familiar chord with many of you.  My experience was not a
unique one I was told over and over again.  My condolences and new
understanding go out to all of you who have seen deadly agony in an equine
partner and felt the utter helplessness when there's nothing you can do.

Many of you grabbed me and shook me in Internet style when I threatened to
sell all the horses and move to a condo.  I won't be making any rash
decisions--don't worry!  Also, when you own 14 Arabians, an old pony, a
miniature donkey, a mini mare, and their children (two mini mules) moving
anywhere couldn't be done in any big hurry. :-)

Maverick's death is even more shattering than it might have been in a normal
environment.  My personal life and my horse life have been stricken in recent
years with bad luck and misery.  Maverick was my bright light at the end of
an unbelievably dark tunnel.  It seemed all too unfair for him to leave me
now, when I needed him so much.

So...thank you all so much for your kindness.  You'll never know how much I
needed to hear your words.

Debi Gordon

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