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Re: RC: aussie saddles, long

I LOVE my aussie saddle. Just got it last winter so this was my first ride 
season with it. I have always rode in western saddles and after doing my 
first few 50's lugging around a 40 pound saddle, I decided to trade it in 
for something lighter. I chose the aussie because of its security, a nice 
feature western saddles had, but it was also light enough for endurance. 
(Only 18 lbs) Anyway, the one I have is a Syd Hill Endurance Poley. Wouldn't 
trade it for the world. As for your concerns, my stirrips are WAY easy to 
adjust and I'm not sure what problem you think the long sweat flaps cause? 
I've never had any. The knee rolls are a life saver for the downhills (you 
feel like the Man from Snowy River!) My horse doesn't buck, but I feel 
totally secure in this saddle like I could take anything he had to give. 
Hope this helps. You may want to contact the Australian Stock Saddle 
Company. They were really helpful, and they do have some used saddles in 
Brittany, ID

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