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RE: RE: Gu

I have used GU extensively, for marathon running, long distance bike riding,
and endurance riding.  My wife uses it too for the same purposes.  She will
pack quite a bit of it on Tevis!
As for the taste, it is not the best thing in the world.  In fact my running
coach warned me when I first tried it, to not gag!  It is pretty sweet.  But
it does have lots of carbs that are quickly absorbed.  You have to take it
with lots of water, so make sure you do that.  But you should be doing that
anyway to keep hydrated.  I found that I need to eat solid food as well as
the GU, but the GU gives you that quick supply of energy.  It is good stuff.
I know lots of folks on here don't like it, but I don't go out on more than
a 40min run, or longer bike or trail ride without it.  
Tony Corbelletta

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I hike several miles at least 5 days a week (part of my job) and I take
along things like granola bars, fruit roll ups, peanuts, cornnuts, carrots,
dehydrated fruits, trail mixes etc.  I do not take along any of the sport
bars at all. All of these things will fit in a small space like a fanny pack
and do not weight much.  and I also have a camelback hydration pack.  I
prefer drinking gaterade then water, but I only put water in the camelback.
and carry sugered drinks like the gatorade in the pockets of the fanny pack.
In addition i always have a tomato juice can or bottle at least one time per
day. It has alot of sodium to help replace what is sweated out and some how
always seems to make me feel better after a long hike. (dont know why just
guessing the salt replacement along with all the carbohydrates from the

Is this Gu stuff that Sportack sells tasty?  I've ordered the chocolate
one and the orange one just to try.  I find that when I ride I sometimes
need something but I don't really have the stomach for those sport bars
(am I the only one out there that has a hard time swallowing that pasty

I can just anticipate my next LD race, hopefully the Llano Estacado in
Sept, and being too nervous to eat breakfast then subsequently my blood
sugar plummeting down the road in less than hour.  Will Gu make a good


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