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Re: RC: Puncture/hoof wall

We just treated a wond to the upper front leg. Probably a kick that got abcessed and the abcess ran up causing a long narrow trail of abcess. The vet got about 4 inches up this with his insturments. The regiment we were on was. The vet said we had to treat it like a puncture.

Flush it out at least twice a day with a mild betadine solution. The flushing process was to keep it from closing on itself and causing more problems. Then flush it out with water. Good hard flushings. Put the syringe next to the leg (hoof in this case) and force the liquid up until it comes back out with force. Next use a syringe and pack full  it with Furazone after it has drained. Then cover the area with your favorite clay and wrap it. This keeps it from getting dirty and keeps dirt from entering. Since she had an infection on going she was also on antibiotics. After about a week of this she was fine.


beth glover wrote:


Does your vet know? I would always 'fess up with a puncture wound. Your risk is of getting Clostridium tetani bacteria in there, which likes to grow in places that are not well oxygenated, thus causeing Tetanus. Gotta get a tetanus shot. I would wash it inside with a betadine/water solution (use betadine solution not betadine scrub)  Use a syringe (no needle) to squirt it into the puncture hole . Your vet may prescribe antibiotics.  Keep it clean and don't plug it up with any ointments or goo, it's gotta be open to air, and heal from the inside out.  Good luck, Beth

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