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V2B Barn Sale/Auction

We were blessed w/a most glorious day.  The 11 registered bidders did not make up to a big crowd tho we had 19 saddles we sold em all but 6.  Matthew Mackay-Smith donated 5  and i got his McClellan.  It was nice to meet Ridecamper Bonnie Snodgrass who brought stuff up to sell to be able to buy her a new saddle.  She sold some really neat stuff and will be able to purchase the one she wants.  Valerie had a bad horse accident in Kentucky and a ride this weekend and was unable to get anything together to send but did send a $100 check.  Thanks Valerie and i hope your horse gets better.  Virginia Ingram brought up 3 tents, tables, coolers etc..  Thanks Virginia.  Larry said we  don't always hit home runs.  But,  we are on first base and still in the game.   tom sites

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