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Re: [QSEndurance] Day 37 of the xp2001 from Karen

Just talked to Karen.  She and Kayla finished.  Kayla rode the entire 2000
miles on four horses.  But because her horse fell on one ride and she rode
the rest of the way on the other, she gets 39 completions.  But, she rode
every step of the trail.  She won yesterday on her horse who is 20 years old.
 She also rode him today and she and Karen rode together.  Karen rode 1900
miles on two horses.  The Duck told her today her horses are sound enough to
pass the Tevis vet in.  John Park and his Icelandic [not Remington but the
other one] also rode a lot of days.  The lady from Oregon with the Mustang
rode only the one horse and did a whole bunch, I want to say 30 something but
I am not sure.  The entire ride went incredibly well and I am sure we will be
hearing stories for months to come.

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