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re:hoof shape on wild ponies

Judith Stirling
Just to put the cat among the pigeons so to speak, we have heards of wild
ponies living on the hills behind our house here in Mid Wales.  The going
underfoot is mainly grassy (amazing tracks for riding on!) with some rough
stoney areas.  All the ponies have very long pointed feet, all seem sound
as a bell (never, ever get the attention of a farrier or vet!), their foot
shape goes against all that should be correct - but they thrive & live
long lives with their pointy little feet!!!

When out riding it is fun to follow their funny little hoofprints - look
very strange - even the very young foals have these funny pointy little
feet - their hoof prints look as if a bunch of "elves & goblins" have just
passed that way!

Just for your "fun" info:-)))))


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