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Ferrel horses in FL / Natural Movement

Karen Standefer
The wild horses in Florida have been very well documented lately.  There
have been several attempts to go down and treat/trim the horses.  The
reason they are in such bad condition is due to the fact that their
roaming area has been done away with and they're banned to a really small,
poor area now.  So, they can't thrive.  They probably won't survive.
There is a website (I'll do some research to locate it if anyone is really
interested.....I ran across it a couple of months back) that documents
their demise.  It also documents the eras in the past when they thrived.

Their demise has nothing at all to do with living naturally (which they
are not, eventhough they are not domesticated), but has everything to do
with humanity squeezing them out just like we've done to a lot of wild

Please don't confuse what's happening to them with the "natural movement".
Who could possibly argue keeping your horses as close to possible to their
natural environment.  Of course, since we ask un-natural tasks of them
(such as endurance), we have to make severe adjustments for their well
being.  But providing room to move adequately as well as 24 hour access to
feed to keep their guts moving is only common sense.  That's mostly what
the natural movement is about.  Most of us are not fanatics and full well
understand that we HAVE domesticated our horses and they are NOT living in
a completely natural environment.

Please try to be a bit more open minded.  This pointing fingers stuff is
really getting carried away.


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