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OK , OK - now tell me how to condition a horse to barefooot!

Judith Stirling
Hi folks - have read with great interest all the pros & cons ( & many of
those there seems to be!) of riding & competing a horses barefoot.  I have
7 horses & we live in an idilic situation - straight from our gate onto
about 15000 acres of open hill common land - no roads, no hassle, no
people!  I have always competed shod as our Welsh rides are mainly
forestry with very, very rough stoney forestry tracts - would hobble an
unshod horse.

I rode for many months (did not compete) on a Standardbred using Easy
Boots - got on OK!  I would like to be able to ride ? compete on my horses
barefoot - can you please give me ideas, info ,guidelines etc as to the
pros/cons of doing so!  I have a pure Arab gelding, a Morgan x Welsh/TB &
a PBA with Saddlebtred conections.

I am well aware of the pros & cons & have a wonderful farrier - gods gift
to horses!!!!!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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