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Secret Grass spots on Tevis

     Ok since im not competing this year and only going to complete. ill
share some Secret grassy spots along the trail
1. 1/4 mile before Robinson flat on the right side a nice grassy patch
2. the spring near last chance  water and grass  they dont recoomendyou
going in there private protected area
3  1 mile out of Devils Thumb  before the Deadwood road  to the left side
another  patch
4. Deadwood Vet check  limited grass but look for it in the brushes. you
wont need this  deadwood is fully stocked with watermelon and hay
5. At Franciscos  vet check   grass on the vet area and surrounding areas
but wont need it  its the most fully stocked vet check in the world , you
want it they have it.      se

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