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Re: RC: Pavement

Hi Pamela; Where I live, there is about a one mile pavement stretch up a very very steep hill to get to the trails, OR there is a two mile stretch , that is mostly flat, to get to some other trails.  On the steep pavement, we walk slowly and carefully, and if the horses act up, I get off and lead, for fear of falling. On the flat pavement, I have occasionally trotted, but the footing is good, I stay near the edge and there is dirt and grit on the street so it isn't slippery.  But the horses we take up there and trot have a lot of long slow distance, and they are used to it, so we've never had a problem.  Beth

>Subject: RC: Pavement
>Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 17:15:13 EDT
>I have heard of several rides where one must travel over significant
>stretches of pavement. Because I am cautious, I never do anything but walk
>over sections of pavement and was wondering how much damage it does to a
>horse to go at higher speeds. I recall one post recently where a woman was
>passed by juniors GALLOPING on the pavement; surely this is not safe for
>horse or rider. The horse could experience concussion injuries from all the
>pounding, and/or could slip and fall. I have read some materials that say a
>little bit of conditioning on pavement at the trot is ok and actually
>strengthens the bones of younger horses. So what is the concensous on
>trotting on pavement? Ok to do in moderation, or does it always do damage?
>Ok with pads?

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