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Loading ,rearing,ground work and smart old horses

>    Chico (he of the rearing thread)also decided this week he didn't >
want> to load.This is a 13 y.o. pro.He knows how to get in a >
trailer,having doneit a thousand times.

I'd check that trailer out REALLY well.  We had wasps build a
 nest just inside the padding where a hole had been torn.  Another friend
had wasps build inside the divider pipe.  Both times horses who had
loaded perfectly started refusing.

.>>>He is an ANGEL in hand.Loves
> "join-up".He is a DEMON under saddle,...betimes.

Spent 15 years on a horse like that.  Sold him at age 17 with a "you have
to give me first option"guarantee.  They called me a few weeks back
wanting to give him back to me (he's 26 now).  I got the message just as
we were leaving town and didn't have their number.  Finally drove to
their house 2 weeks ago and they had just sold him!  I felt soooo bad. 
Said they sold him to a "really big man" I'd raised this horse from 18
months and though he'd tried to kill me for 15 years I felt horrible that
this was how he'd end his days.  Well...took the "really big man" 2 weeks
to call them back and say, "Come get this horse!"  Didn't want to talk
details, just wanted his money...and take the saddles too. He gave up all
plans to be a cowboy. >g< Apparently my guy hasn't reformed a bit. The
sellers regretted selling him and said they may keep him now otherwise my
totally unreformed 16 hand 26 year old will be coming here to retire.  I
think I'll send him to Jim to give him something to that Sunny's
perfect. >eg<

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