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Loading ,rearing,ground work and smart old horses

Ray O.
   Chico (he of the rearing thread)also decided this week he didn't want
to load.This is a 13 y.o. pro.He knows how to get in a trailer,having done
it a thousand times.His reason is that he would prefer to stay home and
sleep in the cool shade by the creek.He is an ANGEL in hand.Loves
"join-up".He is a DEMON under saddle,...betimes. Losing a debate over and
over NEVER stops him from starting the same argument next time.I think he
does this stuff for entertainment.The whole Lyons/Parelli thing must be
taken with a grain of salt,and a lot of thought re context.I want to know
the "laying the horse down"technique so I can sit on his head and drink a
beer before we investigate this new trailer loading problem.

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