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Re: RC: Re: Re: barefoot

The point is, trails that bruise some shod horses will be even more likely 
to bruise the bare foot horse, no matter how the horse has been trimmed. 
Shoeing doesn't prevent every bruise, but it helps.
And, I don't consider horses wearing boots to be "bare foot".
I have confused riding a horse without shoes with the religion of "Barefoot" 
which is a whole nuther thing, apparently.

>From: "Tina Hicks" <>
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>To: "Nancy Mitts" <>, <>
>Subject: RC:  Re: Re: barefoot
>Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 18:59:42 -0500
>How is the barefoot horse gimping over rocks any different than shod horses
>gimping over the very same rocks? Or suffering a stone bruise? Shoeing most
>certainly does not make a horse impervious to rocks or stone bruises.
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>From: "Nancy Mitts" <>
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>Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 9:54 PM
>Subject: RC: Re: barefoot
> > 4. With all the recent talk of how we need more
> > restrictions/rules/requirements so endurance "looks better" to the 
> > that we don't abuse our horses, how would we explain that ride 
> > isn't allowed to try to prevent barefoot horses gimping around in the
> >
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