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Thumps at the Track

Being on  the downside of Thumps on Ballistic(whoever named him named him  good) and being pulled in Michigan at the finish of a 100 and more times than i care to enumerate...Big Bill had a lot metabolic problems that were never totally figured out. Valerie and Jeannie told me to dump him years ago.  They were right. He's a Parade Horse now.   My friend Curtis from Aries Arabians told me to not get into the Breeding Game.  He was right.  Tho i have bred a few good ones.  The jest of this injection is that i was invited to the track to see a friends horse RUN.  Well this guy didn't run too well but gave it its all.  Standing in the stall after the race i said..." This Horse is Thumping..." they had not a clue as to what Thumps was. It was less than a 2 minute race. They had all these fancy concoctions but no electrolyes in the house. The thing about it all is that at the Track they Thump and the people don't even know.  Endurance People should be proud to bring forth issues that relate to horses well-being thruout the Equine Spectrum of  Sport.  So what if we take the rap for bringing it to the forefront?  Knowledge can only insult the ignorant.  tomsites

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