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seeking lease arrangement

Sherry Davis
Dear ridecamp,
I'm looking for a free lease arrangement.  I have two horses, one
lame with bone spavin (waiting and hoping), another only two years
old.  I'm going through withdrawals and looking for a pseudo
lease/care option.  I'm a serious rider, willing to bring a horse
along for long distance training and CTR competitions.  I'm willing
to carry mortality/major medical on the horse as part of a legal
lease.  I'm looking for a horse 5-15 yrs old, able to develop CTR
abilities.  Will not do endurance.  I have a great facility to
provide good care; almost 50 miles of low hills to train in within 5
minutes of our place- also high heat and humidity- and can bring the horse
along slowly.  I'm just looking for a horse that I can ride for 1-2 yrs,
until one of my two are able to "go the distance".  I'm not able to pay /
but can guarantee excellent care. We have twenty eight acres, good barn,
grow our own very high quality brome (have 18% and 12% protein this year).
I've ridden western and recently switched to english. If anyone has too
many horses to train and would be interested in such an arrangement I can
provide references:  vet, CTR ride manager, english instructor.  I am not
a trainer and I'm not interested in buying, but will work with the horse
to develop trail capabilities and sensibilities.  You may reach me via
email at: or or by phone at home after
dark: 785-468-3493. Topo map of training area can be viewed at following

Please pardon if this is an inappropriate message for this listserve.
Thanks, Sherry Davis

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