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Re: loading & keeping straight

Thanks for your response!

>out.  He wasn't a bad loader, just stubborn about
>getting started like it was all part of the routine.

This is the telling comment... "like it was part of the routine" Exactly!

>You said your horse gets right in when his
>"guidelines" are picked up.  Obviously he KNOWS how to
>load when he gets the right cue.  You jut need to
>teach him that there is another cue, too.

For the longest time, he didn't act like it was a cue, he acted like the
lines by his sides were scarier than the trailer, and he would LEAP in
quickly to get away from them. However, this summer, it's reaching the "cue"
level. He still doesn't care when they're on the ground... he'll walk all
over them. But, the instant they are picked up he moves in, much more
quietly than before. So, I think you're right, it's getting to be a cue.

>Our newest horse had NEVER been in a slant load in his
>life when we went to pick him up.  We had quite a
>crowd come to watch since "he'll never get in one of

He's pretty good about a slant. Most of the time he walks in. Naturally, the
straight is scarier.

I had a mare that I always used the lunge line to the front of the trailer
method. I know there was a reason that I chose not to use it with Faro, but
now I can't remember. Obviously it didn't work, but I think that now might
be the time to try it again.

Thanks for your info and support.

Terry B.

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