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Re: loading

<<<and wouldn't line up straight, with the consequence that he would hit his
shoulder on the divider then back out again, >>>

What do people suggest for a horse that won't line up straight because he
doesn't want to load? I have a two horse, straight load step in. This works
better than him for a ramp, which seems to scare him, but he always swings
to a rt. angle to the trailer. The doors open to the sides, which keeps him
from turning all the way to the side of the trailer.

I have developed a method that works great if I have a helper, but for
loading by myself I have trouble. With a helper I lay two lunge lines on the
ground, attached at the trailer end to the rump-rope hooks and stretching
out to maybe 20 feet apart at the far ends. If I place him within the
"chute" of the lunge lines and then a helper simply picks them up, he jumps
right in! But, it doesn't address the issue that he wants to swing and I
can't do it alone. Ideas?

Terry B.

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